Claremont Road Motorway

Where is it?

Newcastle upon Tyne.

Let me guess, another of those missing Tyneside motorways?

Absolutely, yes. However, this one manages both to be relatively dull, and oddly interesting at the same time.

Have you gone completely mad?

Yes, probably.

Let me explain further, and it will hopefully become more clear.

It's relatively dull as it is quite a simple extension of the Central Motorway East to the northwest, relieving the busy poor quality Claremont Road. It travelled pretty much in a straight line. It's also mentioned only in passing in the relevant documentation.

So that's the dull bit. What's the interesting bit?

Well, unlike almost all of the cancelled Tyneside motorways, this one's been built. About all it's missing is blue signs...

Oh, right! What is it then?

It's the A167 from the Central Motorway East up to the Stamfordham Road roundabout.

One more mildly interesting fact about the motorway - it was occasionally known as the North West Radial Motorway. Exciting, eh?

Not really, no. Can you show the route to me?

Yes, I can.

Can I comment on this motorway?

Of course! Contact me and I'll put them here!

Have any other visitors commented?

Mark Randall has been looking at maps [April 08]:

I've been reading your section on Tyne & Wear with a mix of fascination and dread, but can give you a little bit of info on this road - in the 2005 Tyne & Wear A-Z, the A167 is shown as "Jedburgh Road" but with the extra name (in brackets) "North West Radial"; it seems that, 20 years later, it's got the name is was supposed to!

Matthew Kilburn responds [May 08]:

In response to Mark Randall, the 1978 edition of the Newcastle upon Tyne A-Z calls the then A6127 the North-West Radial; so the name has been in continuous use since opening.

Claremont Road Motorway





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